VNN International ApS is a leading distributor of GSM mobile phones and accessories located in Denmark, specializing in GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz compatible handsets and accessories.

VNN International is continuously working to meet the demand and deliver the latest handsets.

In the quiet hub of Copenhagen, VNN International works with the time-zones of the world and is always accessible providing top class service to customers. Company owned warehouses allow the holding of large physical stocks with efficient logistics to dispatch any quantity as soon as it is ordered to any corner of the world. Large quantities can be supplied at competitive prices.

As new handsets are launched VNN International, is able to supply clients with the latest handsets at competitive prices.

Located in Europe VNN International is strategically placed to cover all world time zones and the markets, facilitating creation of connections all over the globe. As a market leader handsets and accessories are sourced at competitive prices. Hard work, dedication and edge for competition have made VNN International a leading player in the telecommunications market with a sound reputation.